Monday, October 29, 2012

TuneTalk Young Ambassadors

Ciao and assalammualaikum earthlings. So the title speaks out for itself. And I'll just let the pictures explain it all. This was our first meeting with TuneTalk. ;) 

 Fatin Liyana Asri. 

 The CEO of TuneTalk, Jason Lo.

 My two lovely Annatasha Saifol and Yasmin Matthews (Maddthelin)

Faiz Baharuddin (@FaizFaiz), Raja Nazrin (SOG), Annatasha Saifol, Yasmin Matthews (Maddthelin), Fatin Liyana Asri, err MyaGemok, Daiyan Trisha, Jason Lo, Aliff Azhar (HeGotLembuNakJaga) LOL. Sorry Alep!

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