Friday, November 30, 2012

Menegur Jangan Sampai Mengaibkan.

Tak salah menegur ke arah kebaikan. Tapi jika ingin menegur peribadi keIslaman seseorang hamba Allah itu sehingga mengaibkannya. Rasanya, lebih baik menegur secara personal dari menegur di depan khalayak ramai. Pikir dulu, sebelum buat. Islam mengajar umatnya tidak mendedahkan keburukan seseorang. Untuk yang memberi teguran kepada saya, saya terima. Saya masih belum sempurna ilmu agama di dada. Thanks for reminding. Sama2 lah berubah jadi muslimah yg lebih baik. Insyallah. :)

Ten so-called-life-rules to Remember.

I'm a blogger? No. Well yes. But I found that I haven't really blog about anything that is 'readable' and I finally, yes finally came up with ten so-called-life-rules to remember. 

  1. Always remember the one and only creator, Allah S.W.T in whatever you do. 
  2. Live your life with purpose. I mean do just simply do "whatever", or "whatever" might just be what you get. Betul ni. Tak caya try lah. 
  3. Develop a compassionate spirit. Sebab, you'll feel better about yourself, and others will definitely feel better about you. 
  4. Be honest and guard your integrity no matter what the rest of the world is doing. Well, they're not the ones who have to live with you. You are.
  5. Always do what's right. A clear conscience will surely keep you on the right path. 
  6. Be as good as your word, and don't make promises you're not going to keep. Yang ni macam dah boleh pikir sendiri lah kan. :)
  7. Be fair to others, especially those less fortunate sebab kan there may be come a time when you have to walk in their shoes. Time tu baru lah tahu kan.
  8. Don't take your natural talents for granted. Use them to touch lives and to help you reach your highest potential. Eh eh and use them to make moneyyhh! Since money can buy you happiness like shopping. 
  9. When you feel discouraged or unlucky or emo or sedih whatsoever. Remember the times you've been fortunate. That will somehow buat you you you bersyukur dengan apa adanya.
  10. Remember what you do today will show up tomorrow, so when you make important decisions, think about tomorrow today. 
Oh oh and lastly. Solat lima waktu. Kbai!


When two people really feel connected, it's almost like a spiritual alliance between two souls. It's hard to explain why, but life just has more rhythm and melody. That's the kind of connection I feel with you, Anis Anwar Zolkepri. Iheartyou.


Photogedik Part II

Hello beautiful people. Ni lagi photogedik for Hijabista Photoshoot @ Karangkraf. It was a great experience, meeting new people and new 'environment'. I had fun. Really. 

Definitely looking forward for Hijabista Edisi 7 - January 2013. Kbai!


I don't know what to blog about. But then recently I went to Karangkraf for some photoshoot. I'll let the pictures tell the story tau.

Monday, November 12, 2012

True Friends? Really?

Ohh tak, gambar takda kena mengena. Saja nak suruh korang teleng kepala sikit  before baca.  Lol. 

I don't know why.. But tonight, I just feel like writing. So, layankan je lah. Taknak pun takpa. Tak perlu baca. Tapi kalau baca, takperlu lah pulak lemparkan kata2 keji kat chatbox tu and appear as anonymous  Eh? Melalut pulak. *facepalm*
Hmm.. How to start eh? Ok it's like this. Just to ask one question. Do you people have TRUE friends as in those who always there with you through it all? Macam naik turun kita, mereka2 ni ada je menyibuk. Hahah. Time susah ada, Senang pun ada. Atau lebih accuratenya bila macam contohlah kan, tahi hidung kita ni terover exposed dan mereka2 ni terus terang je cakap "Wehh, taik hidong kau tu! Chitt. Dah boleh korek dah! And please jentik jauh2, jgn calit kat aku pulak!" *eh over* Haa.. Mcm tu lah lebih kurang. Ada tak? 

Well in my case, kalau pasal tu ada. Tapi tak banyak. Macam boleh dikira dgn sebelah tgn je. Atau 2-3 jari atau.. Ahh entah lah. Senang kata, kawan baik tu ramai lah jugak. Tapi org yang nak digelar SAHABAT tu, sadly.. Nan hado. 

My life as a student really opens up my eyes like besar2 gila. O.O" It's so sad that everybody you thought you knew just turn up into really fake, selfish people. It's pathetic. Now I have to ask my self this question, what does it take to find a real, genuine friend? True friend is definitely hard to find now days tahu tak? It's like you really have to make sure you find one who won't lie to you or steal from you or talk about you to others. Which.. Ermmm Sangat2 susah nak cari yang mcm tu kan? Truly, I never had a friend who was there for me through thick and thin, or helps me out when I need it and looks out for me, and values the time we spend together. Well, actually I used to have em' but.. *sedih*

Bila susah semua menghilang, bila senang semua menumpang.

Every time I have tried to open up and develop deeper bonds with people, I have always ended up hurt in the end. They end up breaking my trust in one way or another, or they disappear when I really need help, or they are just extremely selfish and ignorant. Sedih tahu tak bila kita konon2 anggap sekian2 orang ni macam sahabat tapi tiba2 kita ni rupanya bertepuk sebelah tangan je pun. Masa suka dilupakan pula. 

Tapi despite all these.. Kita mesti ada kawan2 baik time sekolah dulu yang walaupun masing2 dah ada haluan masing2 sekarang, tapi sekali sekala jumpa atau catch up, still rasa macam dulu jugak, perasaan tak berubah walau sikit. 

Anywhoos.. I would trade a pile of acquaintances for a good reliable friend any day. I guess, I am not the only one who can't find real friends right? 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Makeup Artist.

Beauty is to be shared~
Ciao and assalammualaikum people. New readers, hello and hi! Well, did I tell you that I'm a freelance MUA? Yeah MUA as in Makeup Artist. Yes believe it. It has been my part time job since I was in UiTM Alor Gajah, Melaka and now it has been slowly becoming my serious job now. And beautiful people, if you want to look good, beautiful and elegant on your events or any occasions, I'm ALWAYS here to serve you ladies my makeup service at a really reasonable and affordable price! Do not hesitate or shy to contact me for more information. 

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P/s - Please understand that my style of makeup is basically more natural. I don't like changing how a person's look. What I do is actually covering up the flaws and enhancing the original beauty with a lil touch of makeup. That's all. :)