Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tutorial Tudung Bawal

Well, assalammualaikum and hello everyone. Saja je rajin nak share salah satu cara penggayaan tudung bawal yang you all semua boleh cuba. Just ikut saja pic ni! And voila! Siap! Goodluck trying everyone. Love, MyaZulkifli-

Friday, December 7, 2012

Tampil Anggun Pesona Muslimah D'Fifth (Anggun D'fifth)

As-salam and hi everyone. I'm here just to share another event is up on this 15th and 16th at UPM. It's called Tampil Anggun Pesona Muslimah D'Fifth (Anggun D'fifth). I was invited for the 'Bengkel Tatarian & Penggayaan Tudung' on this 15th. So ladieeesssss see you this 15th! Here are the posters! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Favourite FCC (Farmasi Colour Cosmetics) products!

Hi and assalammualaikum everyone. As everyone knows, I've been so into makeups and all these beauty stuffs.. Therefore, I'm in a good mood to share with you ladies about my fave FCC makeup products. Okay, semangat ni. 

After makeup. :)

1. High Performance Foundation 

Untuk you ladies yg tertanya2 foundation apa yang I pakai, this is it.. FCC High Performance Foundation. Code that I'm wearing is code 06 and 07- Natural Beige. Foundation ni sgt2 sesuai utk all skin types and u guys yg suka full coverage and yet still gives that natural finish. So parut2 jerawatsss you ladies, Insyallah boleh di cover. Lagi best, foundation ni tak bercapuk.

2. Wet & Dry 2 Way Foundation

Yang ni pulak fave powder foundation, this is an absolute full coverage powder, sgt sesuai dipadankan bersama High Performance Foundation. Untuk you ladies yang suka full coverage macam I, this one is for you. Tekstur powder foundation ni pun sangat halus which is a definite bonus sebaaaab, you don't really need loose powder to set your foundation! Cukup dengan gently swirl your powder brush on top of this powder and apply it all over your face. For more coverage, you can always apply this with a damp sponge  too. Best kan!

3. Liquid Concealer

Concealer ni pulak, has becoming my fave sebaaabb, it's a real real good concealer to cover up dark circles and redness celah hidung I, not just that, kalau ada some flaws as in pimple scar yg obvious, this one memang sgt sgt membantu untuk cover scarring itu. Sebab tu muka makk flawless! Aiceyh. Okay, kalau you ladies yang tak suka makeup2 ni, or always in a rush, but yet still want to cover your panda eyes, this concealer is made for you. Pakai ni sahaja pun sudah cukup! :) 

4. Eyebrow Pencil 

This one is among my fave eyebrow pencilss! Code that I'm wearing is 03, ni lah eyebrow pencil yang I pakai untuk define my eyebrows. 

5. Terracotta 4 Colour Eyeshadow

For the eye makeup. This eyeshadow quads has becoming my fave sebaaaaabb the colours are very pigmented and vibrant. My fave one for everyday use is from code 02 and 03. These quad pun complete for day and night makeup. Sangat2 berbaloi! 

6. Powder Pearls Blusher

Comel kan blusher ni! Yes ladies, ini adalah blusher yang sangat2 best! I sangat suka blusher ni sebab dalam satu bekas, there are actually more than one tone of colours. So, for every application, you'll be getting diff gorgeous result depending on the colours that your brush mostly picked up. Hehe. Cara nak pakai senang je. Just ambil blush brush, and swirl it all and tap the dust and apply it on top of the apple of your cheeks. Kalau nak tahu mana satu apple of your cheeks, cuba senyum, yang part tersembul tu laaa apple of your cheeks korang. Slightly above the cheekbones. Code that I'm loving is 01 & 02.

7. Terracotta Powder

Untuk you ladies yang nak tahu function terracotta powder ni, powder ni is actually sesuai digunakan sebagai finishing especially for code 01, 05 & 07. Just lightly take a clean brush and lighly apply it on your face for that glowy effect. Tapi, untuk saya, I personally been looooovvvinnnggg terracotta powder code 04. It has been my fave bronzer for shading. Maklumlah, nak shape sikit muka so that tak nampak flat. Ni lah shading powder yang I pakai untuk shading pipi, jawline, and hidung I yang tak berapa nak mancung ni. Terracotta powder ni jugaklah yang I pakai for all my clients. 

8. Lip Maximizer Lipstick

Lip Maximizer Lipstick ni menjadi fave lipstick I sebaaaabbb, it's a matte lipstick and warnanya yang sgt cantik and natural for everyday use. Untuk daily use, I lebih prefer pakai code 09 which gives me that nude pinkish tone. Lagi satu warna fave I is code 03. Love love love! Lipstick ni jugak best sangat sebab after pakai, you ladies akan rasa minty kejap pada bibir and that instantly helps to make your lips look fuller! The colours are also long lasting! 

So far, these are basically my fave fave fave FCC products, well ada lagi yang I suka tapi I'm just gonna stop here for now. Hope it helps you ladies yang baru nak start mencari makeup products. Info penting yang mungkin you all would love to know is that this product is from Turkey, Istanbul. It's 100% halal and boleh di bawa solat untuk you guys yang selalu on the go tu. Cara nak dapatkannya? Well, ada je di jual di Parkson and Jusco yang terpilih. And boleh saja nak purchase online from me! Nak tengok album products? Click Here