Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Haters Gonna Hate.

I don't get it why do some people hate some certain individual yet still concern about those that they hate? Still wanna know what's going on in their life. How they've been doing? Are they doing good? Are they doing bad?  Or are they doing great? It's sad to know that some people don't hate you when you're doing okay, they hate you when you're doing better than them. Haters gonna hate. Oh and stalkers gonna stalk too right? I blog. You read. You hate. You drop some shitty comments at the chat box anonymously. Oh you so brave. I won't let other people’s negativity affect me. May Allah bless you people. Assalammualaikum. :) 


Simply put this blog is about my journey, and what a journey it has been thus far.  One could argue that my journey began during my school days, but I contribute my college days as the beginning as I embarked on life outside my hometown.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve changed and grown since then.  In facing one fear after another, I’ve become fearless.  In overcoming obstacles,  I have learned more about myself and my capabilities.  And through new adventures, I have discovered so many new things about me. And basically how to really breathe again. I truly believe that my challenges have led me to where I am today. Made mistakes. Lesson learned.

Monday, October 29, 2012

QPR Viewing Party?

Ciao and assalammualaikum. Last Saturday 28th October 2012, I was invited to TuneTalk QPR Viewing Party at The House, e@Curve. Had some quality time with Tasha and her plus one partner, Dini. And Aliff that soon came with his friend, Amirul. Should have come with my plus one Sayang but sadly he can't make it. ImissyouAnisAnwar. 

We were all then 'lepak' at a special VIP table with the big man of TuneTalk, Jason Lo, who treated us real good. Thanks big man! I wished I could just stay there longer but sadly QPR and Arsenal aren't my team. So yeah, here's some photos taken.

Aliff, Tasha, Me, Dini

VIP Table yaww~

Tasha with her lovely plus one, Dini

Us with the big man of TuneTalk, Jason Lo.

Lovely Annatasha Saifol. Check out her Tumblr
P/s- Wish other young ambassadors and my love could have come. Mesti lagi best.

TuneTalk Young Ambassadors

Ciao and assalammualaikum earthlings. So the title speaks out for itself. And I'll just let the pictures explain it all. This was our first meeting with TuneTalk. ;) 

 Fatin Liyana Asri. 

 The CEO of TuneTalk, Jason Lo.

 My two lovely Annatasha Saifol and Yasmin Matthews (Maddthelin)

Faiz Baharuddin (@FaizFaiz), Raja Nazrin (SOG), Annatasha Saifol, Yasmin Matthews (Maddthelin), Fatin Liyana Asri, err MyaGemok, Daiyan Trisha, Jason Lo, Aliff Azhar (HeGotLembuNakJaga) LOL. Sorry Alep!

Here I am, blogging back.

Ciao, assalammualaikum and hi everyone. I know it has been soooooo long since the last time I blog. I truly miss blogging, really. So, here I am, blogging back. Finally. And just fyi, I have deleted my old posts. Everything. Those are so my past. And I should just let it be my personal memories. Just to make things clear, I'll be blogging about random stuffs. No specific genre and I'll write what I feel like writing ayy? And it'll be in MANGLISH. Okay? Saya orang Melayu, kena lah 'blogging' dalam Bahasa Melayu jugak. Tak gitu? LOL. I feel awkward writing this post. Anyway, quick updates about myself, I just finished my Diploma in Communication and Media Studies and will be continuing my degree next March 2013 InsyaAllah. Loooongg holidays now. Kbai!