Monday, October 29, 2012

QPR Viewing Party?

Ciao and assalammualaikum. Last Saturday 28th October 2012, I was invited to TuneTalk QPR Viewing Party at The House, e@Curve. Had some quality time with Tasha and her plus one partner, Dini. And Aliff that soon came with his friend, Amirul. Should have come with my plus one Sayang but sadly he can't make it. ImissyouAnisAnwar. 

We were all then 'lepak' at a special VIP table with the big man of TuneTalk, Jason Lo, who treated us real good. Thanks big man! I wished I could just stay there longer but sadly QPR and Arsenal aren't my team. So yeah, here's some photos taken.

Aliff, Tasha, Me, Dini

VIP Table yaww~

Tasha with her lovely plus one, Dini

Us with the big man of TuneTalk, Jason Lo.

Lovely Annatasha Saifol. Check out her Tumblr
P/s- Wish other young ambassadors and my love could have come. Mesti lagi best.

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