Friday, November 30, 2012

Ten so-called-life-rules to Remember.

I'm a blogger? No. Well yes. But I found that I haven't really blog about anything that is 'readable' and I finally, yes finally came up with ten so-called-life-rules to remember. 

  1. Always remember the one and only creator, Allah S.W.T in whatever you do. 
  2. Live your life with purpose. I mean do just simply do "whatever", or "whatever" might just be what you get. Betul ni. Tak caya try lah. 
  3. Develop a compassionate spirit. Sebab, you'll feel better about yourself, and others will definitely feel better about you. 
  4. Be honest and guard your integrity no matter what the rest of the world is doing. Well, they're not the ones who have to live with you. You are.
  5. Always do what's right. A clear conscience will surely keep you on the right path. 
  6. Be as good as your word, and don't make promises you're not going to keep. Yang ni macam dah boleh pikir sendiri lah kan. :)
  7. Be fair to others, especially those less fortunate sebab kan there may be come a time when you have to walk in their shoes. Time tu baru lah tahu kan.
  8. Don't take your natural talents for granted. Use them to touch lives and to help you reach your highest potential. Eh eh and use them to make moneyyhh! Since money can buy you happiness like shopping. 
  9. When you feel discouraged or unlucky or emo or sedih whatsoever. Remember the times you've been fortunate. That will somehow buat you you you bersyukur dengan apa adanya.
  10. Remember what you do today will show up tomorrow, so when you make important decisions, think about tomorrow today. 
Oh oh and lastly. Solat lima waktu. Kbai!


  1. you very cute. syukurlah pada ALLAH atas kurniaan nya ke atas diri kamu.

  2. you very cute. syukurlah pada ALLAH atas kurniaan nya ke atas diri kamu.